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A Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget built with ASP.NET AJAX. This gadget started off as a way to answer some of the common questions about gadget development using ASP.NET AJAX. The current release of the gadget was built with these basic goals in mind:

-Use ASP.NET AJAX for Exposing Web Services to Client Script ( and Calling Web Services from Client Script ( (see for a nice "how to")
-Use as much functionality from the Microsoft AJAX Library as possible to make JavaScript programming easier:
-Event handlers
-Client side controls
-Show a "Service Unavailable" UI when the web service can't be reached
-Minimize code execution when the gadget isn't visible
-Build an autoupdate infrastructure so end users get the latest version of the gadget when it is published
-Show "passing" data between a flyout and the main gadget UI

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